SCARCI Italian Sportswear

SCARCI is a luxury clothing brand out of Italy. The “starter website” they launched was able to give them an online presence, however the website was not performing and was lacking in a true e-commerce platform. The website was outdated, very slow and checkout was not an easy process for the customer. This ultimately effected the brands SEO ranking and limited their online sales.

Redesigning an all new responsive website that delivered friendly and engaging content across mobile devices was the goal for this site. Additionally, the site needed to be easy to use and update (for the office novice), ability to connect seamlessly to all online sales channels and with an active backend SEO program. Finally, it was very important that the website be protected and safe against internet hacker attacks.

SCARCI’s website achieved all goals and remains a top brand for Italian sportswear online. Creative Swans continues to monitor, maintain and update SCARCI’s online website on a regular, monthly basis.

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